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How do I start my process?

Fill out the contact sheet and we will call you, you can contact us through social media and provide us with your phone number or call directly to our international number + 1 {310} 598 7969 .

Is it safe to have a medical treatment/procedure in Mexico?

Of course, Our Hospitals are certified by the General Health Council, our specialists are accredited by the medical college and trained internationally, our destinations have the largest tourist infrastructure in Mexico.

Is the information you provide safe?

Yes, at “MedTrip México” we work based on the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal information Held by Individuals, which is why MedTrip México S.A. de C.V. ("MEDTRIP MÉXICO") will seek the  conffidentialy of your personal or sensitive information ("info") is controlled in order to provide privacy and the right to informative self-determination thereof. We suggest reading this notice, which you can do through the link, since the contribution of information to MedTrip Mexico by any means, constitutes acceptance of this privacy notice. The information may be transferred, shared and / or assigned to MedTrip Mexico subsidiaries, affiliates and suppliers within national territory or abroad for commercial, identification, contact purposes, as well as to a better understanding for the needs of our clients to achieve better service.


Is it safe to make a reservation on your website?

Sure it is, this site uses the Verisign Certificate SSL 3.0 to protect the information you send from your browser to our site and database. 100% of credit card charge operations are encrypted to ensure your privacy when you make your online payment.

The simple operation of consulting our site does not require activating the security locks. Our security system is automatically activated when a transaction is captured in which information is handled that will be registered in the database, such as when you make a reservation.

What is MedTrip's role on my traveling trip?

At MedTrip México we are with you at every step you take in your medical procedure, we accompany you from your medical diagnosis, planning your trip, and your stay, to your postoperative recovery until the return back home.

Can I obtain financing for my medical procedure?

Yes, we have several financing options for you, our contact center team can provide you whit information, so you can make the best decision.



Can I travel with one or more companions?

Of course, in our packages the hotel is included in international chains, we take you and your companion into the same account at no additional cost. If you want to add more companions, you can  call our contact center and will assist you with the information you need for the additional cost.

Breakfast is included in all of our hotels.


What happens if I search for a medical procedure and I can't find it listed on the website?

We have an extensive medical and services network in Mexico, we can help you find a specialist, city and hospital according to your need, fill out our contact form sheet and, will gladly assist you.


Can I pay  my medical procedure with the reimbursement from my health insurance in the United States? 

Yes, however, it´s necessary for you to let us know from the beginning of your planning trip, costs may vary depending on each case.

All of our promotional medical procedures have a no refund payment.


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