Have you ever felt annoyed by your upper eyelids? Does the excess skin around your eyes make you look tired or older and even ruin your makeup? Does it interfere with your peripheral vision?

If you feel identified with any of these problems, you, like many others, suffer from droopy eyelids caused by excess skin and fat. This issue can be hereditary or genetic, and it is not necessarily related to age. The problem is that no matter how much sleep you get or which anti-aging creams you use, this problem won’t go away that easily.

What is a Bephlaroplasy?

Blepharoplasty: a surgery that removes excess skin or fat above and below the eyelids and usually takes just an hour or two, depending on each case. Patients come out looking younger and refreshed.


Blepharoplasty consists of the incisions made by the surgeon during the procedure are easily hidden in the natural creases of the eyes. Blepharoplasty carries very few risks and complications with the most common being swelling, and pain, however is fairly easy to recover from, with the majority of swelling and bruising subsiding after two weeks.

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