Not a lost year after all

This year has been a tough one for all of us. We didn’t see this one coming! For me, I finished my last semester at the University in the midst of a pandemic.

I always thought it was going to be hard to find my path once I was done with school, but I certainly never expected this. It felt weird, not being able to give some closure to that chapter of my life and starting a new one with new challenges and responsibilities. It felt too big for me.

Then, in the middle of this crazy year, MedTrip came to my life and I will be forever grateful for it. I never thought being part of the work force could be this good. I do think of MedTrip as a family, because we are.

I came to this company full of doubts about myself and whether I would be able to do a good job here. But as soon as I started working with the wonderful MedTrip team, I realized how easy it is giving my best, because I am working with such a committed group of persons. When your team is as good as this one, your job doesn’t even feel like one.

I am infinitely thankful to MedTrip for opening their doors to me and giving me such a great opportunity. At this job I am not only growing professionally, but also as a person. Being here feels like I am part of something greater (because it is). MedTrip is committed to help people change their life, and it is great to be part of that.

At one point I though this year would be a lost one, that I was not going to accomplish a thing, but sometimes life surprises you, and here I am! I have a job that I love with a team I treasure, and I can’t begin to describe how awesome it is!

Can’t wait to see what the future holds! (Hopefully no more pandemics for a while!)


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